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Affordable Energy

At A Pure Way Energy, we find low, affordable real-time quotes on energy for small to large businesses. No high-pressure sales, available 24/7 for your convenience, same day contracts. Access our energy brokerage services today to start a quote for you.

Charity Support

When you work us, you also help many nonprofit organizations from around the world devote further resources to their causes. Contact us to learn more about our charity support.

Hours of Operation:
Phone hours: Vary
Online: 24/7
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How Does This Work?

  • Access our Do It Yourself (DIY) link and enter your business's energy information
  • See the available rates and terms from multiple major energy providers in your area
  • Select the 'real-time' rate and length of term you want
  • Print and sign your new contract and return it same day

That's it - pure and simple!

Upon notification of your new contract we will email you a simple 1 page Charity Support Form for you to fill out to indicate the charity you wish to be supported at no additional cost to you and return to us.  Support your favorite charity and save money on your energy cost - Just 'a pure way' of doing business.

Mission Statement

Simply put - save businesses money on their energy cost by offering the lowest energy prices using our brokerage services while using a percentage of the profit to helping those less fortunate at no add'l cost to the business.  Nothing complicated. Just 'a pure way' of doing business.

Contact our energy brokerage firm to receive a quote for your business’s energy services.

Proudly Serving Texas, Connecticut, Washington, DC; Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, & Pennsylvania